cross stitch


Love that melody finished picture



nyan cat ring front window front Applejack Fluttershy mane six Pinkie pie Princesse luna Rainbow dash Rarity Twilight hipstar pendant 4 sleeping Stegosaurus Celestia Pendant pokeball ring gen I pokering 3 trixy pendant IMG_6424-01 jiggly cadance triforce front rainbow dash buttons 3 candycorn and pumpkin ring 1 candycorn and pumpkin ring 2 candycorn and pumpkin ring 3 batring 1 bat earrings candy corn earrings pumpkin earrings bat earrings 2 candy corn earrings 2 pumpkin earrings 2 fireflower earrings 1 star earrings 1 shroomoorbellen 1 companion earring 2 snowflakering 1

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