Stitch from stash – July report

Stitch from stash report: July

spent: 59,62 euro

earned: 26 euro

total budget: 33,62 euro -25 euro (budget) = -8,62 euro lent from August.

So to first explain this. Initially I ordered my stash buy in June from cross stitch corner. de in Germany. I’ve had very fast shipping before but this time I had ordered a lot of different fabrics to expand the choice in my Etsy shop. I initially started Stitch from Stash to stop buying other cross stitch kits and think about it before I would buy if I really really really wanted to stitch it. And of course finish some of my WIP‘s. As a cross stitch shop owner I did think long and hard about how to separate my business necessities and my personal satisfaction in buying things. (Of course this is a thin line.) So I decided that when I buy from a normal or online shop and it is not to complete an order for a client. It is stash! So if I have an idea for a new product, I need to make it so if I need to buy things, it’s for my stash. Because when I make the item to show in my shop, I do earn it back. I think this will be a good rule for myself as a shop owner to keep certain habits in check. Or at least get on with it and make the darn idea instead of it floating around in my head.

Getting back to my delayed order. So I ordered a lot of plastic bobbins to order my massive hoard of DMC skeins (I am starting to dislike the cardboard version because of stability issues) and wanted free shipping and added a lot of different fabric variations. But thinking that I’d order it in June I would start Stitch from Stash in July with a clean slate. Because some of the fabrics where not sold anymore it took a few weeks for the order to be billed and shipped. So I started my July stitch from stash with a big dent in my spending budget already. Lesigh. Of course I took charge and started to make some cross stitch patterns that where due and earn back some of this spending budget.

Some finished projects:

Luna moth (design by me)

This one I designed and made for different reasons and with different inspirations. First of all I made this pattern as I wanted to design a butterfly series for my tiny embroidery hoops and the opportunity presented itself with the “butterfly and beads” contest from the stitching pirates cross stitch group on Deviantart. Another inspiration came from a dear friend of mine who has designed an awesome luna moth cape.

SNES controllers (design by me)

Here I was experimenting with my new 1 inch miniature embroidery hoops. As I have a fair coming up soon, these are quick and easy projects to finish. Each measuring 25×25 stitches. the purple one was done with two threads over one and the orange one was done 1 thread over one. I like the one on the right the most.

Gamecube controller (design by me)

I’ve tested this one. I still have to adjust the pattern to make the two rear buttons on the right the exact color. For the rest I like the shape and of course the use of a french knot :)

geisha faces (image by mad modesty and design and stitching by me)

This was a collaboration with the great Mad Modesty. The graphic is hers and I made it into a pattern and stitched it. I used the new floss from Custom by me by DMC. it’s rather new but I love the neon colors.

I’m hoping to work away my debt of July that I had to lend from August. I have enough wips and other patterns that have to be proofed. So I won’t be bored 😛