Hi guys,

Update of this month!

I went to visit creativa in Brussels today. It is my yearly pilgrimage to see some exciting crafts and discover shops that are even more extensive than the local ones. I collected some interesting addresses.

This year I had the impression that it was a bit smaller. They did however move the artistic part into the main hall. Last year it was in an extra hall and the artists where rather hidden away and didn’t get a lot for visitors. It also makes for a bit less crowded and more leisurely walking space.

The choice of shops (there where less shops in quantity) was a good one. And most crafts where put together. I got through the crafts fair pretty fast I was amazed that after throwing my sales pitch to sellers for my patterns I got some me time and thus some crafts hunting!

Picture time!

The first picture is a gift. My mother is a rather crafty person, she even makes lace as a hobby. And if you know how people make lace you know you need enough pins. And even different pins because well, lots of stuff is going on there. So I bought her some colorful and healthy looking pins. I’m sure she’ll love them.

creativa blog updat 1


The next picture is a great haul of threads. I know, as a cross stitcher who actually owns ALL DMC colors (I think I do though) I shouldn’t be buying more thread. Well who can deny these pretty colors from another brand? I can’t, and I had the most genius idea for a pattern this week so you might see them in action pretty quick!

creativa blog updat 2


The last picture doesn’t really do it justice but is there because the shop selling the cross stitch fabric had such beautiful colors. They also had rather bright colors but since they sell online (well most of their stock and growing!) I bought the ones i’d want to use immediately. And thus I bought (from left to right) 5.5/14 count white with silver glitter, the same count cream with gold glitter, and 7/ 18 count green and same count super lovely (I’m in love seriously) light purple perfect. As I said the picture doesn’t do it justice.

creativa blog update 3