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Stitch From Stash September

spent: 0 euros! yay!

earned: 24 euros

total earned from beginning SFS: 81,38 euros.

FACTS was a blast, I am still looking around for pictures of my booth by other people but you get to enjoy my awesome cellphone picture. I made a ton of new pendants and patterns. I even had unfinished items scattered around my working table when leaving! It was a blast and I look forward to next year.


This was one of the prettiest I made. Rose from Steven universe. I really like the backstitching on this one.


More pendants and patterns in my Etsy shop soon!

Stitch from Stash August report

another month another update!

spent: 0 euros!

earned: 16 euros

total from beginning SFS: 32,38 euros.

I’ve been stitching small pieces and worked a bit on the glitter pattern as I have a convention coming up, FACTS! I’ll be selling my pendants there!

now for some pictures:

These will all be pendants and the smaller ones will be earrings.

I just love how these came out! Sapphire on the left is just too cute. she’s a classic case of needs backstitching or it will not look awesome!

This is a quick update as I’ve been working my butt off!

see you soon!

we are moving and changing!



as some of you might have noticed, I am moving AND changing my name. Why?

Well, I have come to a point that I want to shed my old and rather bland nickname for my business and start over new with a new and more identifiable name for my it. My old nickname has stuck with me ever since I entered the world wide web almost 12 years ago! At first it was websites as neopets and elfwood where I had the very interesting nickname of fallenangel (huzza 14 year old me!) As it was a popular nickname at the time and I absolutely hated numbers in my online names I went to the now know feathersofanangel, very long I know. I was the only teen going that length to have a non numbered online handle. And because I hated to start over new or loose the connection to my other websites I could be found everywhere with that nickname until now. As I offcially started as a bussiness I have decided to change my name. Don’t worry, it’s still me, only with a cooler name.

so from now on when you go to, you will end up at my songthread website. Well both websites are maintained with exactly the same content, only songthread will stay around. So don’t forget to change your bookmark!

enjoying the holiday spirit(s)
enjoy the holiday spirit(s)!