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This was the first year I started binding books.

My first book was this notebook that I still use today. I used recycled materials as a substitute to realize the projects. Cheap and you learn a lot from it. Reccommended for everybody. I happily used a newspaper, embroidery thread and polymer clay.

eerste notebook afgewerkt

As I got a taste for more I made a trip to the bookbinder’s shop and got me some fancy stuff. Making a classic marbled notebook. Another notebook with more experiments with polymer clay was made for a friend. She has the greatest OC’s.

Marbled Bookfeatherbook


Another cool book I created (after seeing the harry potter movies) was the monster book. It was also the thickest book I’ve ever made. It barely fit my cutting machine!

monster of a book detailsmonster of a book

Click this image! It brings you to a tutorial on how to refurbish an existing agenda to a new and sexier version!

my own journal

victorian book pearl

4 housebooks HP

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