Stitch From Stash September

spent: 0 euros! yay!

earned: 24 euros

total earned from beginning SFS: 81,38 euros.

FACTS was a blast, I am still looking around for pictures of my booth by other people but you get to enjoy my awesome cellphone picture. I made a ton of new pendants and patterns. I even had unfinished items scattered around my working table when leaving! It was a blast and I look forward to next year.


This was one of the prettiest I made. Rose from Steven universe. I really like the backstitching on this one.


More pendants and patterns in my Etsy shop soon!

Stitch from Stash August report

another month another update!

spent: 0 euros!

earned: 16 euros

total from beginning SFS: 32,38 euros.

I’ve been stitching small pieces and worked a bit on the glitter pattern as I have a convention coming up, FACTS! I’ll be selling my pendants there!

now for some pictures:

These will all be pendants and the smaller ones will be earrings.

I just love how these came out! Sapphire on the left is just too cute. she’s a classic case of needs backstitching or it will not look awesome!

This is a quick update as I’ve been working my butt off!

see you soon!

Stitch from stash – July report

Stitch from stash report: July

spent: 59,62 euro

earned: 26 euro

total budget: 33,62 euro -25 euro (budget) = -8,62 euro lent from August.

So to first explain this. Initially I ordered my stash buy in June from cross stitch corner. de in Germany. I’ve had very fast shipping before but this time I had ordered a lot of different fabrics to expand the choice in my Etsy shop. I initially started Stitch from Stash to stop buying other cross stitch kits and think about it before I would buy if I really really really wanted to stitch it. And of course finish some of my WIP‘s. As a cross stitch shop owner I did think long and hard about how to separate my business necessities and my personal satisfaction in buying things. (Of course this is a thin line.) So I decided that when I buy from a normal or online shop and it is not to complete an order for a client. It is stash! So if I have an idea for a new product, I need to make it so if I need to buy things, it’s for my stash. Because when I make the item to show in my shop, I do earn it back. I think this will be a good rule for myself as a shop owner to keep certain habits in check. Or at least get on with it and make the darn idea instead of it floating around in my head.

Getting back to my delayed order. So I ordered a lot of plastic bobbins to order my massive hoard of DMC skeins (I am starting to dislike the cardboard version because of stability issues) and wanted free shipping and added a lot of different fabric variations. But thinking that I’d order it in June I would start Stitch from Stash in July with a clean slate. Because some of the fabrics where not sold anymore it took a few weeks for the order to be billed and shipped. So I started my July stitch from stash with a big dent in my spending budget already. Lesigh. Of course I took charge and started to make some cross stitch patterns that where due and earn back some of this spending budget.

Some finished projects:

Luna moth (design by me)

This one I designed and made for different reasons and with different inspirations. First of all I made this pattern as I wanted to design a butterfly series for my tiny embroidery hoops and the opportunity presented itself with the “butterfly and beads” contest from the stitching pirates cross stitch group on Deviantart. Another inspiration came from a dear friend of mine who has designed an awesome luna moth cape.

SNES controllers (design by me)

Here I was experimenting with my new 1 inch miniature embroidery hoops. As I have a fair coming up soon, these are quick and easy projects to finish. Each measuring 25×25 stitches. the purple one was done with two threads over one and the orange one was done 1 thread over one. I like the one on the right the most.

Gamecube controller (design by me)

I’ve tested this one. I still have to adjust the pattern to make the two rear buttons on the right the exact color. For the rest I like the shape and of course the use of a french knot :)

geisha faces (image by mad modesty and design and stitching by me)

This was a collaboration with the great Mad Modesty. The graphic is hers and I made it into a pattern and stitched it. I used the new floss from Custom by me by DMC. it’s rather new but I love the neon colors.

I’m hoping to work away my debt of July that I had to lend from August. I have enough wips and other patterns that have to be proofed. So I won’t be bored 😛


WIPs and finishes

Hi my stitchy friends!

In this month of April I finished my first quarter as a business in the new year. And rounding up all the receipts, invoices and whatnots I thought about updating my stitching status.

I’ve seen a lot of pictures of WIP’s on the different Facebook cross stitch groups and I have become no stranger to having WIPs lying around either. Since I’ve started designing (really putting patterns out there), my WIP tally has been going through the roof. But I think some of you are excited to see and read the stories behind every picture.


1. the coffee cross stitch.


I acquired this cross stitch as a kit on a yard sale. It went from about 50 euros to 9 euros (that’s a steal!) And since my BF and I are such coffee lovers (addicted…) I just loved the kit and brought it home (even though I had stuff lying around) In hopes of finishing it and putting it next to our coffee maker in the kitchen. Even though this piece has French Knots, I might frame it with glass because it will be in hung in the kitchen eventually.

2. The glitter pattern.


The glitter patter, I designed it since well, I do use glitter once in a while and this quote is 100% true. (I sometimes find glitter without knowing what project I used it for….) You can find the pattern here: etsy shop 

3. Star table cloth


I bought this piece in March/April last year (2014) and hoped to have it finished this last Christmas. But it was placed on a back burner as I got involved in other projects and started my shop on Etsy. This is with a pressed design on it.

4. Art Nouveau Winter Unicorn.


This is a piece older than the tablecloth. I designed it almost 2 years ago. And got this far in stitching it.  It has gold metallic thread in it, in this designed I learned to use it properly.

5. The DMC color chart


I know that you all think I’ crazy. Well maybe a little. But, designing your own patterns you can’t just go on from the cross stitch pattern giving you the colors. You actually need to see them so you know how to pick the shades (in my humble opinion). I’ve started this crazy thing and hope one day to finish it, frame it, and properly use it. But this is when I would have a lot of free time on my hands (hahahaha…..)

6. The HAED water fairy/mermaid


I was (and still am) Head over heels with this cross stitch even though the story didn’t have a very smooth beginning. I bought the kit from a shop that gets the pattern and makes then kit to sell themselves. BUT, they used the wrong kind of fabric and I didn’t notice it until everything became very difficult to stitch so tiny. As it had 36 count linen and of course you have to stitch over 2 lines. So I had to frog (rip it, rip it….) Like a few hours and colors of work. Almost destroyed the fabric while ripping out the floss…. It was a complete nightmare scenario. So I bought myself a nice restarting gift. A big cross stitching frame from DMC, it arrived in no time from (cross stitch corner) They are soon fast and good priced. This gave me enough courage to restart the entire project and this is the result as of today. It has been in a corner though as I’ve been rather busy these months.

Finished pieces:

You’d think finished pieces? what? Cross stitchers actually finishing projects? Unicorn miracles?

Yes, these are pieces I did for my embroidery hoop pendants on my Etsy account. These patterns haven’t been put up there yet but you can have a sneak peak of what to expect! The mermaid is stitched on 25 count over 1 thread. The forest animals on green are 14 count and the fox on blue is 25 count.

IMG_3906 IMG_3930 IMG_3931 IMG_3936


I hope you liked these updates, if you have any suggestions or questions, please do!

And if you want to see more update pictures check me out on Instagram as Song Thread.

Good stitching!




Hi guys,

Update of this month!

I went to visit creativa in Brussels today. It is my yearly pilgrimage to see some exciting crafts and discover shops that are even more extensive than the local ones. I collected some interesting addresses.

This year I had the impression that it was a bit smaller. They did however move the artistic part into the main hall. Last year it was in an extra hall and the artists where rather hidden away and didn’t get a lot for visitors. It also makes for a bit less crowded and more leisurely walking space.

The choice of shops (there where less shops in quantity) was a good one. And most crafts where put together. I got through the crafts fair pretty fast I was amazed that after throwing my sales pitch to sellers for my patterns I got some me time and thus some crafts hunting!

Picture time!

The first picture is a gift. My mother is a rather crafty person, she even makes lace as a hobby. And if you know how people make lace you know you need enough pins. And even different pins because well, lots of stuff is going on there. So I bought her some colorful and healthy looking pins. I’m sure she’ll love them.

creativa blog updat 1


The next picture is a great haul of threads. I know, as a cross stitcher who actually owns ALL DMC colors (I think I do though) I shouldn’t be buying more thread. Well who can deny these pretty colors from another brand? I can’t, and I had the most genius idea for a pattern this week so you might see them in action pretty quick!

creativa blog updat 2


The last picture doesn’t really do it justice but is there because the shop selling the cross stitch fabric had such beautiful colors. They also had rather bright colors but since they sell online (well most of their stock and growing!) I bought the ones i’d want to use immediately. And thus I bought (from left to right) 5.5/14 count white with silver glitter, the same count cream with gold glitter, and 7/ 18 count green and same count super lovely (I’m in love seriously) light purple perfect. As I said the picture doesn’t do it justice.

creativa blog update 3



we are moving and changing!



as some of you might have noticed, I am moving AND changing my name. Why?

Well, I have come to a point that I want to shed my old and rather bland nickname for my business and start over new with a new and more identifiable name for my it. My old nickname has stuck with me ever since I entered the world wide web almost 12 years ago! At first it was websites as neopets and elfwood where I had the very interesting nickname of fallenangel (huzza 14 year old me!) As it was a popular nickname at the time and I absolutely hated numbers in my online names I went to the now know feathersofanangel, very long I know. I was the only teen going that length to have a non numbered online handle. And because I hated to start over new or loose the connection to my other websites I could be found everywhere with that nickname until now. As I offcially started as a bussiness I have decided to change my name. Don’t worry, it’s still me, only with a cooler name.

so from now on when you go to, you will end up at my songthread website. Well both websites are maintained with exactly the same content, only songthread will stay around. So don’t forget to change your bookmark!

enjoying the holiday spirit(s)
enjoy the holiday spirit(s)!